About us

Magideutz SA created in 1951, registered capital of 10 million DH, is a subsidiary of Deutz France S.A. under the mother company DEUTZ AG in Germany, the world's leading manufacturer of diesel engines.
Magideutz SA makes available to industry, agriculture and marine (coastal fishing) a wide range of high performance products:


  • Industrial Engine
  • Motor for mines
  • Motor for pumping
  • Marine engine up to 600 hp
  • Generator of 15-1200 KVA
  • Genuine Parts

A constant commitment and a network of professional agents have earned our brand, the trust of our customers throughout the Kingdom of Morocco.

The strike force of our Customer Service is our repair shop that has a modern special equipment :


  • Documentation
  • Tooling specially designed for DEUTZ;
  • Test bench for diesel engines, also mobile;
  • Test stand for generators up to 1000 KVA;
  • Tech equipment for diagnosing faults.


In this workshop, there are mobile workshops equipped with tools to carry out interventions on site if needed.

Our spare parts store is highly equipped with original parts only necessary for operations and renewal of any material represented by the MAGIDEUTZ S.A.

MAGIDEUTZ SA is represented throughout the UK through its agents. They are responsible for making the first interventions in case of failure, while specific interventions are performed by specialized technicians MAGIDEUTZ SA, which for the most part, have been trained in the parent company in Cologne (Germany) . In parallel, the MAGIDEUTZ has a local unit in its workshops at the headquarters in Casablanca

Knowledge is a Deutz, it's our Quotation