Because every detail contributes to your success, Magideutz offers professional help in the selection and delivery of operating supplies and additives so that DEUTZ can help you effectively and to success.

The best engine can convince that if consumables and additives also meet the most stringent requirements. Again, trust DEUTZ. Whether oil, protect the cooling system or additives with DEUTZ consumables, you benefit from years of experience and expertise of our specialists. The engine and consumables are perfectly harmonized.

With the new method of diagnosis "DEUTZ Oil Diagnosis" and our high-tech lubricating oils of "quality class DEUTZ", you have the opportunity to improve engine power and extend substantially simultaneously life.

Our oil diagnosis enables the detection of early engine damage, thus avoiding downtime. At the same time, the engine operating safety is improved and reduced maintenance costs.

Genuine DEUTZ oils are fully synthetic consumables Tier highly supercharged diesel engine and under heavy loads. They are of course suitable for use throughout the year, have a high protection against wear and deposits, even in permanent load and full engine power.

Our original DEUTZ cooling system protection additive is perfectly suited for all materials used in the DEUTZ engine and thus reliably prevents corrosion, cavitation and freezing on all high-speed engines. It is free of nitrite and amines, contributing largely to the protection of our health and our environment.

Our new original fuel additive DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® was developed for modern diesel engines with their high standards of diesel fuel to use. DEUTZ InSyPro®, the additive 2 in 1 double-acting one hand prevents deposits and agglomerates in sensitive injection components, due to biological diesel fuel elements in the aged. The DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® is used on the other as a pressure cleaner to remove existing deposits.

Enhance the availability of your device and save costs by regularly using the additive DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro®.

If you have questions about consumables and safety data sheets, contact us