Remanufactured Products

New life for old engines - a service offered at all times by the manufacturers of international drivers as the "general revision" or "replacement engine". At DEUTZ also passive philosophy of only job is facing the active and sustainable philosophy of reuse - to save resources without disadvantages for you, the customer. On the contrary, Xchange engines and parts are often the most sensible alternative, the fastest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts match every respect to the original, this also applying to the engines and parts are no longer produced in series for years.
Compatibility and the legendary DEUTZ quality are further also at the forefront of all Xchange components. They provide all the performance and lasting reliability, even after revision. The guarantee itself we place these components corresponds to that of a new engine.

Before each review, you will receive a detailed offer and therefore a reliable basis for making the most profitable decision for you.

If you choose an Xchange engine, we provided in our factory on the banks of Lake Chiemsee, optimal conditions for giving new life to old engines. All engines are disassembled, cleaned parts, analyzed and reworked or replaced. They must then demonstrate, on our modern test bench, they meet all the criteria required of a new engine.

Each of our Xchange engines benefits from the current advances in technology because:

  • All wear parts are replaced
  • Each engine is put at the recent state of the art
  • Each motor has the reliability, lifetime and the same warranty as a new engine
  • each engine not only retains its certification control of exhaust gas, but may even in many cases - at little cost and with little effort - be certified according to a higher level of exhaust.

The components are reused without flaws DEUTZ Xchange engines in. They are therefore characterized by consumption of raw materials and energy significantly lower than that of new engines, a key criterion in the current economic climate.

For you, the customer, choose an Xchange engine means in all cases short-term capital and low investment because we buy and also put away your old engine.
Our current products Xchange

  • Spare engines
  • Regulators
  • Injection pump / high pressure pumps for CR
  • Injection valves
  • Generators
  • Starters
  • Compressors
  • Turbochargers
  • Water Pumps
  • Cylinder heads

All DEUTZ Xchange parts are of course remanufactured in accordance with these strict quality criteria, and have the same functional parameters as new parts.

When you have to choose between repair, rehabilitation and investment in a new product, the DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts are an alternative more and more interesting as a DEUTZ Xchange is also a genuine DEUTZ.